Precast terrazzo

Our modern production facility incorporates many new features designed to enhance the quality of the product and safeguard the enviroment.

precast terrazzo

Precast units are first vibrated to remove trapped air and to compact the marble aggregate to the visible surface prior to polishing.

The units are then cured prior to grinding on diamond wheels for stock removal, the final grinding using various grit finishes to the customers requirements.

All precast units are factory polished on automated machinery to a finished condition and packed and delivered to site ready for installation. Units of unusual shapes are hand polished by skilled craftsman.

Our factory incorporates processes to meet modern environmental considerations. Water recycling, dust filtration and new moulding techniques to minimise the use of wood.

Pre-cast Production
If you can draw it… we can make it.
Adrian Pelarin

Treads and Risers

Treads  Maximum length 3.00m (45mm thick)

Risers   Maximum length 3.00m (35mm thick)

Non-slip nosings or inserts cast in during manufacture

Pre-cast terrazzo stair units for fixing onto prefabricated steel staircases

Pre-cast terrazzo to open edge stair wells

Precast-terrazzo to inner and outer wall stringers


Precision machine made and polished pre-cast terrazzo plain or coved skirtings to a standard profile can be manufactured to suit standard tile sizes or to a clients specific size requirements.
Internal and external are also available, these are cut, mitred and glued together to form a perfect angle.

Pre-cast terrazzo skirtings can be used in conjunction with terrazzo, ceramic, brick or any other type of floor covering. With careful design they can be used in a variety of situations.

Pre-cast curved skirtings to any radius can be manufactured.

Pre-cast trolley proof skirtings to prevent damage to wall linings ideal for airports, train and bus stations and supermarkets.

Other Pre-cast options


Balcony fascias

Wall claddings

Access covers

Drainage channels

Street furniture ( benches, waste bins, planters )